trade-up-your-denimIf you’re anything like us, you set out for this New Year with some new intentions. Not that same old “new-year-new-me” blah blahblah, but more like, “new-year-BEST-me.” Well, that may be setting the bar a little high. How about “new-year-BETTER-me.” Or maybe just, “let’s-throw-the-damn-resolutions-out-the-window-and just-try-to-do-a-little-more-good-when-possible -this-year.” Yeah. That sounds about right. Not as catchy, but far more manageable, IMO. 2017 is the year of feeling good, being good, and spreading good.

“Okay,” you’re thinking. “Ain’t nobody got time for another New Year’s blog post about getting back on the resolution wagon. NO THANKS!”

But wait! We’re about to give you a first class ticket on the “Resolution-Success Express” {That’s super catchy. Can we coin that phrase? Or make it an amusement park ride? Yes? No? We’ll come back to that later.} We’re about to make this resolution super attainable. Ready? Let’s do this.

Out with the old, in with the BLUE! Denim that is. Or black. Or gray. Or olive. We’re not gonna get hung up on technicalities. From January 10th through January 24th, bring in your old jeans for donation and receive $20 off of a brand new pair of Hudson jeans. That’s right, ladies. Clean out your closets and we’ll literally give you money for some kicka** new jeans from the geniuses over at Hudson.

And you can feel really good about trading up your denim – Hemline is working with the Blue Jeans Go Green Program and we think they’re kind of a big deal. Blue Jeans Go Green work to recycle old denim, returning it to its natural cotton state and from there, into insulation. It’s a pretty awesome way to give back to communities, plus it keeps denim out of our landfills (they’ve diverted over a million pairs of denim OUT of landfills! That’s tons, literally, TONS of jeans.)

So, while we can’t help you with the inevitable, and ever daunting annual closet clean-out, we can offer a little motivation to start 2017 off on a good foot. Or, leg. (Denim jokes!) Swing by your closest participating Hemline between January 10th through January 24th with your donations – we can’t wait to help you pick up your new favorite pair of jeans! Happy BLUE Year, Babes!

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